You're a real Underground bestial War Metal Maniac? ...Then you've come to the right Place! Propagator Propaganda was created just for you! Our Work and special Publications are presented here and more...

You need an Intro or an Album Cover? We do that! check out our Cover Artworks and Intros!

We fight for bestial War Metal, we fight with bestial War Metal, we are the bestial Cult!!!


Profanación Sepulcral

Diseminacion del insulto repulsivo

This is the european Version of Profanación Sepulcral's new Album+2 Bonus live Songs. You can expect bestial War Metal in the Style of Morbosidad with an individual Touch!

Out in May 2021!

Compilation III

United in Loyalty to the Bestial Kult

Abominator, Holocausto War Metal, Goat and many more!

With Poster with Words about Sabbaoth of some of the Bands involved!

Out in May 2021!

RTNGJHVH / Progoat


Bestial War Attack upon the Cross


Do you get Aggression when you listening to Black Feast or Beherit? Then this Split Album is the right one for you!

Out in August 2021!

Listen here

Storms of BloodRTNGJHVH
00:00 / 03:27
(a ruined miracle) FiltProgoat
00:00 / 05:33


Varmint New full Length Album



Imago Blasphemiam - Limited to 66



Deathsiege (

Available soon at

Katachthon CompilationLimited to 30



Katachthon (



Buy here

Compilation II

Bestial War of the black armored Weapon Limited to 46

Band Line-up: Intro, Sturmtiger, Satanize, Vorherrschaft, Abysmal Lord, Necromorbid,

Invasion, Primordial Massacre, Hexekration Rites, NH.377, Outro

Compilation I

Tyrants of bestial Nuclear Warefare - Limited to 30

Band Line-up: Intro, Hellfire Deathcult, Goatblood, IAD, Katachthon, Wargoatcult, 

Hereticum, Bestial Whore, Eggs of Gomorrh, Wargrinder, Defecrator,Outro

This Cassette was only made for the Bands involved and was not for sale

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